Guidelines for Cochecho Country Club, Domestic Partner Status


  1. Partners have been each others sole partner for at least one (1) year and plan to remain so indefinitely.
  2. Partners are responsible for each other’s common welfare and financial obligations.
  3. Agree to notify us within thirty (30) days of termination of partnership.

Forms of evidence of responsibility for each other’s common welfare and financial obligations (must produce 2):

  1. Legally executed domestic partnership agreement or contract.
  2. Joint mortgage or joint ownership of primary residence.
  3. Joint title to motor vehicle.
  4. Joint bank account.
  5. Joint credit account.
  6. Joint lease.
  7. Designation of the partner as primary beneficiary of the other partner’s will, retirement contract or life insurance.
  8. Designation of partner in durable property or health care powers of attorney.