Ladies Green Team

The GREEN TEAM provides an opportunity for female golf members who would like to participate in a weekly game of golf and enjoy the social aspects of league without the added competitive element. A scramble format allows for the golfers to be exposed to 9 -hole play in a relaxed and brisk manner. This gives the golfer an opportunity to play the best shot of their foursome and not fret over the bad shots. This is designed more for the golfer who is neither interested in nor quite ready for competitive golf. However, even the most seasoned golfers enjoy a scramble format and if you are a more experienced golfer who dislikes competition, please consider joining the Green Team.

Scramble Golf is a type of golf game, often used in tournaments, where all members of the team hit from the same spot throughout the hole, using the best shot each time to determine the location of the next shot. For example, all team members hit their tee shots. The location of the best tee shot becomes the spot from where all team members hit their second shots. This “best ball” play continues until (with each round of shots counting as one stroke for the group) the ball is holed out.

The other added benefit is this league does not expect nor require weekly participation. However, the Pro Shop would like to know if you are not coming in advance, if possible. Also, you will need to email [email protected] so you are not charged for your meal when not attending.

The Green Team is fully integrated into Twilight League. The Green Team is out on the course teeing off at the same time as Twilight League. We all finish up at approximately the same time and head in to the clubhouse for dinner, drinks, and laughs. The only difference is that your foursome is playing a scramble and quite possibly having a better time than anyone else out on the course and in the clubhouse. The Green Team table is generally the rowdiest group in the room!

Important Dates to Remember:

  • May 1st League Registrations Due
  • May 11th at 6:00pm Par-Tee Cocktail Reception
    • Please RSVP [email protected] by May 6th
    • Hearty appetizers will be served. $15pp applies to food minimum
  • May 18th Opening League Fun Match
  • August 31st Final League Play Night
  • September 14th Closing Banquet (Details at later date)

Other Basic Information:

  • League start time is 5:00 PM with tee-off at 5:15 PM each Wednesday
  • Dinner will be served after golf. Players will have a choice between a full-plated meal, or a “lighter fare” each week.*Food Restrictions please contact [email protected] Charges will not be applied to food minimums.
  • There is a $25 fee to play and this will automatically enroll you in the closest to pin competition each week.

Click Here to download the registration form and send the application and check made payable to Women’s Twilight League to: Jennifer Himmer, P.O. Box 456, Eliot, ME 03903, [email protected] (207) 439-5258